Wholesale Fuel Program

Market Watch

Our dispatch team constantly monitors the current fuel market in order to purchase fuel for our customers around the most favorable market conditions. This service paired with our Best Buy Program, Managed Fuel Program, and Dedicated Fleet Program creates additional margin for our customers by supplying fuel at the right time, off the right supplier, and from the correct fueling rack.

Best Buy Program

Our in house Best Buy Program monitors all of our fuel supplier pricing from all of our fuel supply terminals and provides real time data to our dispatchers in order to customize the cheapest delivery option for our customers.

Managed Fuel Program

We monitor your fuel inventory levels and dispatch orders, so you don’t have to. Our team of dispatchers monitor fuel levels at a site level by communicating with the sites automatic tank gauge (ATG) or by calling for daily fuel readings. This allows us to buy for you like we do for our own stores... based on need and market conditions.

Dedicated Fleet Program

Shepherd Oil operates a large fleet of trucks located at every fueling terminal in our supply area. This wholly owned fleet is dedicated to same day deliveries to all our fuel customers. With this dedicated equipment complete control of delivery conditions and time frames can be achieved without the reliance on an outside carrier.

Available Service Area

Shepherd Oil is proud to distribute quality branded and unbranded fuel across Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas.

We will quickly and safely deliver your product with our own fleet of transports. Several branding and rebate incentives are available to you, our customer.

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